Stussy Chapter Store Profiles Pt. 1 – Stussy DC

23 08 2008 recently started a series on the Stussy Chapter Stores that have opened up during the past year. The first store featured was our very own Stussy DC.  Click for pictures and the interview.


This year, the Stussy tribe has increased its retail presence, hooking up with noted local retailers in each of the new cities. These Chapter Stores continue the unique aspect of Stussy culture that merges the local with the global. They also represent cities that have grown in stature within the “streetwear” community in recent years. This growth is due, in large part, to the efforts of a few people who’ve worked to change the retail landscape of those places.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks we will present you in-depth looks at the most recent Stussy Chapter Store openings and the people that are behind the respective stores.

In Washington, DC, COMMONWEALTH founder Omar Quiambao is that person. His vision has taken DC retail away from it’s traditional core, and transformed a stretch of Florida Avenue into a streetwear mecca. I spoke to him about the Stussy Chapter store and how it fits with the city and his other shops.

Click here for the full article.



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